Our goal is to relieve your pain and restore your function.  Here are some important things to know before you come in.


1. First Visit – Please bring

Doctor’s prescription for therapy (required for treatment)

Picture ID (ex: driver’s license)

Insurance information

Co-payment or deductible if needed

Relevant medical documents (MRI reports, x-rays, etc)

Your calendar (to make appointments)

Comfortable clothes and shoes (appropriate for a gym)


2. Medical History

To better assess your reason for referral, we will need to review your medical history with you during your first visit. Please bring any reports you may have of recent x-rays, CAT scans  or MRI reports, surgical reports and a list of any current medications.  We will also want to know the dates of your injuries and any surgeries, as well as go over details with you and confirm what your doctors have written. 


3. Physical Examination

In physical therapy we are concerned with how your body moves and functions so, we’ll do a physical examination, including assessment of your flexibility, strength and balance. This may include having you walk, move or stretch in certain ways. It will help us identify the cause of your problem.  We will look at your body mechanics and movement quality. You will be more comfortable with this examination if you come dressed in loose comfortable clothing (such as you would wear to work out at a gym) with easy access for us to the body part being evaluated.  (For example if your problem is with your knee you would want to wear or bring shorts.)


4. Setting Goals for Treatment

After your examination we will discuss with you your goals for treatment and our  plan for care. In some cases, we may get started right away with your treatment program or we may start at your next appointment. If pain is a concern then typically our first goal will be to reduce pain.  Once the pain and inflammation has been decreased, we will start working on other aspects of your treatment program, such as improving flexibility, strength and ability to complete day to day functions. During the treatment sessions, we will want your feedback as to how your body is responding so we can adjust as need be. We want to know what you feel has been most helpful or if you feel anything is difficult for you.


5. Ongoing Home Program

Typically on your first visit we will get you started on a home program designed to complement your therapy plan of care.  This may include instructing you on how to manage your pain once you leave the clinic or initial exercises. We will continue to review and update your home program on a weekly basis. How quickly you progress is dependent on your following the home program as recommended for you by your therapist.